Paul walker dating genesis

Paul Walker 's unforeseen death struck Hollywood and his fans with grief and sorrow, but those who are also affected are his co-stars.

Before he died, Walker starred in the film Hours , set to premiere this week. But it isn't his death that is causing buzz around the new movie.

Paul Walker's 'Hours' co-star Genesis Rodriguez caught in underage sex scandal | ¿Qué Más?

Instead it's his co-star and on-screen girlfriend, Genesis Rodriguez. Reports are saying that the year-old actress has quite the dirty past. I'm talking a sex scandal dating back to when she was just 16 years old! Our Latino celebrities react to the tragedy. I was feeling all these emotions. I just had a child out of wedlock. This is so therapeutic. It was a walk in the park. Let me back up and say, my father was a contractor, and he made me work a different trade every summer going through high school. My grandfather was smart like that too.

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The film goes off in a canister. I felt some things.

Paul Walker’s Death: His Longtime Girlfriend, Age 23, Is Devastated — Report

I was connected with Genesis. I love that girl, working opposite her. I fell in love with her. You said that this movie is a little bit like your life and you have a teenage daughter. Is it difficult raising a teen?

Michelle Rodriguez opens up about the death of Paul Walker: 'I went pretty crazy'

Two weeks in a row, I came back three times. She just turned Because you were gone. And you should have been home more! This is what you do. This is our time together.

She tells me what her needs are. I think sometimes she tries to be a little tougher than I want her to be. Yeah, I took her. The first time I saw it I took her. I was trying to force something.

Paul Walker

I was just saying words. I need a reminder. What happened just before this again? In that same vein, you also shot in United Methodist Hospital, which has been shut down since Katrina…. Black mold is nasty. A lot of people are sick down there with it — a lot of builders. That Mesothelioma stuff is very real.

Hours TRAILER 2 (2013) - Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez Movie HD

The base of this hospital, same thing. The water level came up almost 12 feet… so the bottom level.

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When you go into work everyday, the reminder is the skeleton of the building. So, when they do get around to reinvigorating the hospital, they just redo the lower levels and buff up what they want to buff up upstairs. Basically, everything and anything… in a hospital especially. You got sick people in there!

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The last thing you want is mold. Those guys had to go through and clean it all out… scrubbing it.