Is strippin dating dodger

Wake up and stop selling your sitcom bullshit!

Dodger dating strippin

Hope you know brooke he considers you an easy target cause he thinks your damaged from your history of dating douche bags like him. Granted he's probably the worst of the lot but feels nice doesn't it.

Sam ROCKY Strippin (feat Coach Dodger)

For everyone's information if you'll kindly head to his channels you'll find people who know him personally outing him for his stupidity and what not unless it's deleted by now. All i'am doing is relaying the truth.

By the a lot of people had the screen name strippinsalyingdick and strippinsacheatingdick, Goes to show you he doesn't just lie to brooke. It's gonna hurt knowing that you where probably smart enough to avoid his bullshit. Giving the fact you dated so many people just like him. I would think you'd be able to see it early but maybe not. Just know when you run back home to mommy crying. The internet will come down on you hard, fans,haters doesn't matter you channel will be over. People are already doubting you they know you lie constantly. Even though the train wreck of your life is on the internet people still don't want to watch it.

Lies,lies,lies and even more lies tsk tsk tsk. I' am sure all of your fans dodger wish that you aren't in a relationship because it is universally stupid. Long distance relationships do not work, even if you think yours is the exception. Guess what everyone thinks that who's in one. As people have mentioned and already know you'll make empty promises , neglect your channels and the haters and fans a like will just stop watching while you explain why you where to stupid to listen to people telling you it was a bad idea from the start dating a douche bag like strippin again.

Then you'll blame yourself and say how you keep falling for scum bags like him etc etc and run home to mommy and people will stop listening to you lies and just assume from that point on you are fake and you lie about everything and your career on youtube, polaris what have you , will be over! The reason why she won't say anything is the exact same reason TB and jesse have warned her about and have said many times over.

Clearly she is so easily manipulated by euro douche bags she can't think clearly. She plays cat and mouse guessing games with her 'fans" thinking it's funny. All it does is fuel their obsession for curiosity , as both TB and jesse said she brings it on herself and that fact is true. Whether it's anyone's business or not doesn't matter there is no harm in just saying "guys to be perfectly honest i am single i don't date my friends , co workers, etc.

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That's it as simple and vague as that. I would like to think if she did that more positive comments would be in here and not negative ones. Dodger your cought people already know and are trying to help you and tell you your relationship with him is a horrible idea for obvious reasons.

He used his job to get into your life to sleep with you,Hopefully you aren't that stupid but no one from another country tries to date someone without ulterior motives no one! No matter how nice he seems , it's the same tricks all them use to get ass. You and your channels and career will suffer because of it, it's not a might happen it's a WILL happen.

It most likely won't just effect you it will spread to polaris and yogscast and so on and so on. You yourself will be held responsible for jobs lost including your own.

Doing it Wrong, and Loving it - What about Dodger?

Other people lives disrupted and possible destroyed all because you just can't tell when you are being played for a quick bang by some euro douche bad. Stop lying and just honestly admit there's nothing there and mean it more than you ever have told the truth if you ever have. People aren't going to let it go they know now, They know you lie, They are starting to see you are fake. So just shut them up and tell the truth for once. I think mostly, like with all long term relationships, we learned everything there was to learn about each other and were cool just the way things were.

Congrats to the two of them. I wish them the best. Design by Simon Fletcher. Doing it Wrong, and Loving it. Posted 5 years ago.

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All basically in one of two categories: Are you ok now that Dodger is off the market? If you must know the nitty gritty of our relationship: Dodger often talks about doing more I Tried's, but rarely ever follows through with it.

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Dodger usually streams on her Twitch on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. She usually does crafting streams much like Swords and Stitches or doing play throughs and 1-Cups of games. On Fridays, she hosts Friendzone, a podcast on the Polaris channel, where Dodger and guests sit around and play games for three hours. Sign In Don't have an account? This article is a direct copy of the profile page at the Yogscast Wiki.