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Schwyz gets a bad rep. It's a beautiful canton and I'd like to stay in it or near it.

The following 4 users would like to thank Treverus for this useful post: Gwendy , MathNut , Meisie , olygirl. This user would like to thank for this useful post: The following 5 users would like to thank Meisie for this useful post: I hear the englishforum. This user would like to thank colinwheeler for this useful post: I beg to differ.

A good friend of mine as well as a family member of mine found their spouses through dating websites If I were single I'd do it!

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I think it's fun Getting involved with clubs etc as you mentioned is also a very good idea. The more you put yourself out there, the more people you meet and therefore increase your chance of meeting your partner-to-be. The following 5 users would like to thank ElggDK for this useful post: Begga , Gwendy , Meisie , olygirl. Posting Rules You may not post new threads. BB code is On. Serious about meeting someone worth meeting?

Here are our tips for sorting the frank from the fickle. Nazia and Steve met on Soulmates three years ago. Enjoy on-the-go access to everything from instant messaging to advanced profile filtering - and more. Meet your matches in person, or chat to someone new for the first time at our brilliant singles events. Sign up to one of our speed dating events, or our flirting masterclasses and take the quicker path to finding true love. Close Download the Guardian Soulmates App for dating on the go. Search Meet someone worth meeting A woman looking for a man A man looking for a woman A man looking for a man A woman looking for a woman A woman looking for both A man looking for both.

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You can specify in your profile configuration how detailed location will be visible to other users. In order to provide you with your matches, we need to know if you are looking to meet a man or a woman. I consent to Guardian Soulmates using this information for this purpose. Are you seriously telling me you would organize a date with a man who wears sunglasses on the site? Did I say anything about arranging dates with these blighted men? I am more concerned about their health than interested: It is just disturbing to see that so many men seem to have problems with their eyes - to the extent that they cannot even remove them for a photograph.

This is very disturbing,don? Something must be done. You got me buzzcocks. Your sense of humour is drier than mine. Glad I'm not working here, you'd keep me on my toes. Login or Sign Up. Only members can see names and photos.

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Sofia D Jun 12, There are plently And of course there are those you can get thru invitation from friends, they are also free, but I wont write their name here as one gets free points when you bring them a new client, still they are free. Dorothy W , Jun 12, This one works for me: Who could ask for more?

Max B , Jun 13, I meet fun people on okcupid. Jun 13, 13 Nah Hassel, forget all that fancy pants science stuff. Jailbirds is what you need.

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Thank you everybody for your replies! Sofia D , Jun 13, I've used okcupid in the past. It's the best site design in the industry. Oonagh , Jun 13, I am suggesting a decent site. Hard to say, I was member in many popular main stream sites from adult friend finder, ashley madision, okCupid, pof etc, without too much luck until discovered crew which 'monitor' and 'use' less know adult dating sites targeting people who are just looking online opposite or same sex partners to get some 'fun', so maybe you got lucky too, more details here: Tryky , Aug 9, Julia E , Aug 15, Aug 15, 13 Whenever I see parship I always read it as "parsnip" and can barely keep a straight face.

Lart U , Aug 15, Dominik M , Aug 15, Jun 12, 13 Hi, Reading this from epicure, I remember some time ago in the Glocals forum - a thread started by a very good looking lady who was complaining that some men were hitting on her and treating Glocals as a dating website. It did - as I remember - stir up quite a debate. Zoe Harvey , Aug 17, Aug 17, 13 Zoe Harvey , Aug 18, Aug 19, 13 Send private message then Dominik M , Aug 19, It doesn't work for me.

I can register but that's all. I was actually a bit shocked that men would lie about thier age.

2. AdultFriendFinder

Ok, shocked is a bit strong. Lucy L , Aug 21, Aug 21, 13 Thats a very dirty site Well what about an agency like Esther Keller for seriouse minded people or Plenitudes? Genevaok G , Sep 22, Jerry Man , Nov 2, Cheers Vi T , Dec 16, I can say that "Swissfriends" works. Oonagh , Dec 17, Charlie , Dec 17, I am a fussy man looking for a desperate lady, where do i go.

Dec 17, 13 Jerry Man , Apr 14, Vom, very interesting but more confused than ever! I think I continue being celibate: Good one, you made me laught: I will buy you a bear!

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Jerry Man , Mar 10, Andy F , Jul 7, Andy F , Jul 28, Jul 28, 17 Jerry Man , Sep 8, I'm surprised that noone did mention Tinder. Don't you like it? You guys may be interested in this article: JR M , Sep 29, Sep 29, 17 Huh, interesting article, thanks for this. Actually a bit scary: Jerry Man , Sep 29, I found some new and good, wanted to share to this old thread: Jerry Man , May 1, Jerry Man , May 7, Rita Carli , Jun 14, Corinne B , Jun 14, Not me, am I missing any thing?! Jun 14, 18 Pierre Darien , Jun 15, Jun 15, 18 Nir Ofek , Jun 15, Ritchie , Jun 16, JR M , Jun 18, I hope I can count on you lovely ladies to invite me to such get togethers: Jun 18, 18 Mariana R , Jun 18, There's a start-up idea in there, you're on the way to the 1st million!

Nir Ofek , Jun 18, You're ex is not going to know if it's your idea Wojtek W , Jun 18, Here is the deal: Well, there is my first negative review and we have not even created the group or website It comes with being a scientist, you know, you have to think of all the details. I sleep with my female friends and you? Pierre Darien , Jun 18, Keep your sex habits to yourself. The question wasn't adressed to you Pierre Darien , Jun 18, The question wasn't adressed to you Jun 18, 18 And my comment wasn't a reply to your question Nir Ofek , Jun 18, Oh, you are a one!

Does your Mother know? Ritchie , Jun 18,